14th Laser Ceramics Symposium (LCS2018)

Monday, November 26 - Friday, November 30
Venue: Okazaki Conference Center, Okazaki City, JAPAN

Thank You for Attending LCS2018


Key Dates

November 26-30, 2018 Okazaki Conference Center / IMS

Important Dates

The deadline for submission of abstracts is October 10, 2018
Authors will be notified of acceptance no later than November 1, 2018
Early bird registration up to October 31 November 8, 2018


Ceramics, crystals, microdomain controlled materials for advanced SSL and NLO (SSL: solid-state laser, NLO: nonlinear optics)

A. Material and Fabrication

  • Synthesis of high purity powders and transparent ceramics
  • Optical spectroscopy and characterization of physical properties
  • Ceramic machining and polishing
  • Surface activated low temperature bonding and coating
  • Electric and magnetic field poling for polarization control
  • High-field laser direct and it’s shockwave based material fabrication
  • New materials, novel fabrication methods and microstructure control

B. Device and Application

  • Ceramic lasers and amplifiers for high performance SSL and NLO
  • High power SSL structures; rod, fiber, disk, and slab
  • Breakthrough in tiny integrated lasers, includes giant-pulse microchip laser
  • Novel power SSL structures
  • High power diode lasers, VCSELs for SSL pumping
  • Giant micro-photonics toward ubiquitous power lasers
  • Applications of SSL and NLO: Ignition, LIBS, LiDAR, Mass spectroscopy, Material processing