The nearest and most convenient airport to IMS is Central Japan International Airport (Centrair), located on a manmade island just off the coast of Tokoname City in Ise Bay. It is also possible to reach Okazaki from other major airports such as Narita (Tokyo) or Kansai (Osaka) by using railways.


Myodaiji Campus

The conference will be held
17.Okazaki Conference Center

  1. 1.Main Office Bldg.
  2. 2.Main Laboratory Bldg.
  3. 3.South Laboratory Bldg.
  4. 4.Computer Center Bldg.
  5. 5.Instrument Center (Low-temp.Div.) Bldg.
  6. 6.Chemical Materials Bldg.
  7. 7.Laser Facility Bldg.
  8. 8.Equipment Development Center
  9. 9.UVSOR Synchrotron Facility
  10. 10.Administration Bureau
  11. 11.Library
  12. 12.Faculty Club & Coop
  13. 13.Electricity Control Station
  14. 14.Guard Station
  15. 15.Myodaiji Lodge
  16. 16.Mishima Lodge
  17. 17.Okazaki Conference Center