Conference Venue: Okazaki Conference Center ⇒
※Due to unexpected occurrence, this schedule is subject to change.

Date Session Program No. Start End Type Presentors / Commentors
Mon-1 Greeting 18:00 18:30 Introductory Greeting Takunori Taira
M1-K-1 18:30 19:00 Keynote-1 Takunori Taira
M1-K-2 19:00 19:30 Keynote-2 Yuji Sano
    19:30 21:00 Welcome Party
Date Session Program No. Start End Type Presentors / Commentors
  Tue-1 Opening 9:00 9:10 Messages Aichi Prefecture
9:10 9:40 Takunori Taira
Tu1-K-3 9:40 10:10 Keynote Tadatomo Suga
Tu1-K-4 10:10 10:30 Keynote Akira Yoshikawa
Break 10:50 11:10    
Tue-2 Tu2-I-1 11:10 11:30 Invited Takuma Takahashi
Tu2-I-2 11:30 11:50 Invited Toshihiro Yamada
Tu2-O-1 11:50 12:05 Contributed Zhongchao Fu
Tu2-O-2 12:05 12:20 Contributed Danlei Yin
Tu2-O-3 12:20 12:35 Contributed Roman Maksimov
Lunch/Poster 12:35 14:35    
Tue-3 Tu3-I-3 14:35 14:55 Invited Shinji Makikawa
Tu3-O-4 14:55 15:10 Contributed Ilya Snetkov
Tu3-O-5 15:10 15:25 Contributed Akio Ikesue
Tu3-O-6 15:25 15:40 Contributed Akio Ikesue
Break 15:40 16:00    
Tue-4 Tu4-I-4 16:00 16:20 Invited Yiquan Wu
Tu4-O-7 16:20 16:35 Contributed Denis Yu. Kosyanov
Tu4-I-5 16:35 16:55 Invited Guido Toci
Tu4-O-8 16:55 17:10 Contributed Nan Jiang
Tu4-I-6 17:10 17:30 Invited Sergey Mirov
Excursion 9:00~17:30 (Meeting Point: Okazaki Conference Center)

Conference Dinner 18:00~ @Okazaki New Grand Hotel ⇒
Date Session Program No. Start End Type Presentors / Commentors
Thu-1 Th1-K-5 9:00 9:30 Keynote Junichi Nabekura
Th1-K-6 9:30 10:00 Keynote Dongfang Zhang
Th1-O-9 10:00 10:15 Contributed Masateru Kurata
Th1-I-7 10:15 10:35 Invited Remy Boulesteix
Th1-I-8 10:35 10:55 Invited Alphan Sennaroglu
Th1-O-10 10:55 11:10 Contributed Jan Hostasa
Break 11:10 11:30    
Thu-2 Th2-I-9 11:30 11:50 Invited Dingyuan Tang
Th2-I-10 11:50 12:10 Invited Ryo Yasuhara
Th2-O-11 12:10 12:25 Contributed Woohong Kim
Th2-O-12 12:25 12:40 Contributed Hong Jin Kong
Lunch/Poster 12:40 14:40    
Roundtable for Accel. 14:40 16:10 Invited Kiminori Kondo,
Tomonao Hosokai,
Mitsuhiro Yoshida,
Takunori Taira,
Dongfang Zhang
Break 16:10 16:30    
Roundtable Discussion 16:30 18:00 Invited Jasbinder Sanghera
Akio Ikesue
Larry Merkle
Ken-ichi Ueda,
Toshihiro Yamada
Date Session Program No. Start End Type Presentors / Commentors
Fri-1 F1-K-7 9:00 9:20 Invited Hyunjun Kim
F1-I-11 9:20 9:40 Invited Amiel Ishaaya
F1-O-13 9:40 9:55 Contributed  Lucas Viers
F1-I-12 9:55 10:15 Invited Jiang Li
F1-O-14 10:15 10:30 Contributed Jian Xu
F1-I-13 10:30 10:50 Invited Jian Zhang
Break 10:50 11:10    
Fri-2 F2-I-14 11:10 11:30 Invited Hitomi Yamaguchi
F2-O-15 11:30 11:45 Contributed Koji Morita
F2-O-16 11:45 12:00 Contributed Ding Zhou
F2-I-15 12:00 12:20 Invited Maxim Ivanov
F2-O-17 12:20 12:35 Contributed Ken-ichi Ueda
F2-O-18 12:35 12:50 Contributed Carmel Rotschild
Lunch 12:50 13:50    
IMS Tour 13:50 15:50 Guide Tour to Institute for Molecular Science
Break 15:50 16:10 Type  
Fri-3 F3-I-16 16:10 16:30 Invited Norimasa Nishiyama
F3-I-17 16:30 16:50 Invited Roman Yavetskiy
Closing 16:50 17:50   Takunori Taira

Poster Presentation (Tuesday, November 27)

Program No. Name Category Title First Writer
P1-C-27A Xiaodong LI A. Material and Fabrication Fabrication of Gd2O3-MgO Nano-Composite Optical Ceramics using Sol-Gel-Derived Powders Xiaodong LI
P1-C-27B Stanislav Balabanov A. Material and Fabrication Novel synthesis route of ZnAl2O4 powders for transparent ceramics Alexander Belyaev
P1-C-27C Roman Maksimov A. Material and Fabrication Effect of hot isostatic pressing on structural and optical properties of Yb3+-doped Lu2O3 transparent ceramics Roman Maksimov
P1-C-27D Vladislav Shitov⇒Withdrawal A. Material and Fabrication Synthesis and characterization of mixed sesquioxide (Yb0.05Lu0.25Y0.7)2O3 transparent ceramics Vladislav A. Shitov
P1-C-27E Stanislav Balabanov A. Material and Fabrication Vacuum sintering of Yb-doped Lu2O3-Y2O3-La2O3 solid solutions transparent ceramics Dmitry Permin
P1-C-27F Stanislav Balabanov A. Material and Fabrication Fabrication and characterizations of REE:Tb2O3 magneto-optical transparent ceramics Stanislav Balabanov
P1-C-27G Ding Zhou A. Material and Fabrication Fabrication of Transparent AlON Ceramics by Pressureless-Sintering under 1800 oC Zehan Sun
P1-C-27H Hiroki Kawahara A. Material and Fabrication Nd3+-doped YAlO3 powders synthesized by co-precipitation technique Hiroki Kawahara
P1-C-27I Ju Yong Cho B. Device and Application CO2 measurement technique based on the static modulated Fourier transform spectrometer with a fiber laser source Ju Yong Cho
P1-C-27J Hiyori Uehara  B. Device and Application Efficient laser emission at 2.8 um of Er-doped Lu2O3 transparent ceramics Hiyori Uehara
P1-C-27K Vincent Yahia  B. Device and Application Theoretical and Experimental Study of Gain Aperture Device for Ubiquitous High Power Lasers Vincent Yahia
P1-C-27L Taisuke Kawasaki  B. Device and Application 100Hz repetition rate and PW/sr/cm2 class Micro-MOPA Taisuke Kawasaki
P1-C-27M Arvydas Kausas  B. Device and Application >30MW, sub-ns Tiny Integrated Laser for Robot Arm Arvydas Kausas
P1-C-27N Hwan Hong Lim  B. Device and Application High peak-power doughnut-mode  monolithic Nd:YAG/Cr:YAG ceramic microchip laser Hwan Hong Lim

Poster Presentation (Thursday, November 29)

ID Name Category Title First Writer
P2-C-29A Jan Hostasa A. Material and Fabrication Evolution of silicon content during the production of reactively-sintered transparent YAG ceramics Jan Hostasa
P2-C-29B Remy Belon A. Material and Fabrication Tape casting of transparent ceramics for laser applications Remy Belon
P2-C-29C Yoichi Sato A. Material and Fabrication Study of the Secondary Phase in Transparent Anisotropic Yb:FAP Ceramics Yoichi Sato
P2-C-29D Yuki Netsu A. Material and Fabrication Transparent Yb3 +:YAG laser ceramics fabricated by pulsed electric current sintering Yuki Netsu
P2-C-29E Hideki Ishizuki A. Material and Fabrication Study on QPM-structured quartz by sub-nanosecond microchip laser pumping Hideki Ishizuki
P2-C-29F Tohru S. Suzuki A. Material and Fabrication Fabrication of textured transparent Al2O3 by a magnetic field and SPS Kazuto Matsui
P2-C-29G Maxim Ivanov A. Material and Fabrication Ce3+ and Pr3+ doped yttria nanoscintillators from laser synthesis Maxim Ivanov
P2-C-29H Maria Alekseevna Bastamova A. Material and Fabrication Research of second optical harmonic generation efficiency in the ceramic LiTaO3 Maria Alekseevna Bastamova
P2-C-29I Hiroaki Furuse A. Material and Fabrication Pulsed electric current bonding of sapphire and Nd:YAG ceramics Hiroaki Furuse
P2-C-29J Florent Cassouret  B. Device and Application Stable highly-peak power second harmonics generation in YCOB by using micro-MOPA Florent Cassouret
P2-C-29K Shotaro Kitajima  B. Device and Application Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk lasers of Lu-based oxide ceramic gain media Shotaro Kitajima
P2-C-29L Yuki Kobayashi  B. Device and Application Mode-locked Yb:CaF2-LaF3 ceramic laser  using single-walled carbon nanotube saturable absorber Yuki Kobayashi
P2-C-29M Mayu Ikeda  B. Device and Application Study of Yb3+-doped Ba(Zr,Mg,Ta)O3 ceramic laser Mayu Ikeda
P2-C-29N Mitsuhiro Yoshida  B. Device and Application Yb-fiber and QCW Nd/Yb-solid hybrid laser system  for phtocathode electron gun Mitsuhiro Yoshida